Our clients have previously had radio interviews, been contacted by television, written in newspapers, and have journalists following their news. Here is why:

More than press release distribution, we provide the whole package at a price any business can afford. We also work with PR, communication & marketing agencies with white labeling available.

John Coulman  /  June 21, 2022 15:12 EDT

Why would you send a press release without having somewhere for a journalist to go for more information? IE, a newsroom.

How PR Karma helps our partners
PR Karma is affordable (especially in tough times) and extremely easy to use. Yet we provide lots of flexibility without sacrificing quality. 

PR Karma includes a branded newsroom (Good Grape Winery Sample Newsroom) that's linked from your webpage. So when you send your press release, your news is automatically posted to your newsroom, saving you valuable time from having to repost it on your website.

With our clients receiving radio interviews, being contacted by television, getting published in newspapers, and journalists following their newsrooms, we know we have a great solution.


Flexibility with Press Release Distribution

  • Select only the cities (within North America) you want your news sent to (great for local businesses trying to reach community news outlets.)
  • Press release may be embargoed, evergreen, or immediate distribution
  • Include just your pitch to a journalist, or include your whole story and the pitch. Add up to seven high resolution images.
  • Attach a press/media kit to your press release

We send your news direct to journalists and do not syndicate your news, providing a journalist a true first opportunity with your story.

About our Newsrooms
PR Karma newsrooms are as easy to manage as social media. No programming is required. Input information (like images, names of contacts at your business, etc.), and our software builds your newsroom as you feed it information.

What do journalists look for in a newsroom?

  • High-resolution images, media kits,whether you have been in the news before, who is your contact for them to reach, a history of your business and more.

By making it easy for journalists to find the information they need, you increase your chances of them including you in a story or writing a story about your organization.

View documents right online without having to download them first!
Newsroom visitors can view PowerPoint presentations, PDF documents, Word documents and Excel sheets right online without having to be downloaded first! This concept is great for restaurants posting new menus and more.

More than just a newsroom – Use it like a newsletter
We have had some of our customers cancel their newsletter services.

PR Karma newsrooms are followable.
Followable means followers receive a notification when you publish an article or a press release. When you post or send news, you can choose from three options for distribution:

  1. Official press release – Your news is sent to journalists & media, people following your newsroom, and your information is posted to your newsroom.
  2. An article/newsletter – Your information is sent to only those following your newsroom and posted to your newsroom as a news article.
  3. Nothing of great importance. Just post the information to your newsroom without bothering anyone.

PR Karma is affordable, easy to use, and gives you excellent visibility with the media. So why wouldn't you set one up at less than a latte per day?

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