PR Karma is Successful with our Clients Getting Picked up by the Media; the proof below...

PR Karma is not a PR Firm. Instead, we provide PR folks with a platform that is proven successful in reaching journalists & media professionals. Some call it “a complete public relations tool.”

John Coulman  /  June 21, 2022 15:12 EDT

Business owners know having your story published in the news (a press release) is one of the most effective means of attracting eyeballs to your business. Also known as ‘earned media.’

Earned media is very effective because your company is mentioned in a newspaper (or media outlet), with a reputation, by a journalist with a reputation that is from an unbiased point of view.

The principals at PR Karma have been in the PR/News Distribution/Journalism industry for over 20 years each and know the pitfalls faced when sending a press release. They also know what journalists want which brings us to

News distribution problems that PR Karma fixes:

  1. Expensive press release distribution (our press release distribution is affordable)
  2. Inability to target specific regions with region-specific news (we let you target your region)
  3. Failure to provide a journalist with more information if they are interested in your press release (provide just the pitch or the full release when you send news)
  4. Not having a place to put your press release once it goes out (IE, a newsroom)

We are excited to share some fantastic feedback from a journalist (now a PR professional); you can read his thoughts on what PR Karma is doing here:

REAL WORLD EXAMPLES: Recent Pickups By Our Clients

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Ontario Alpine/Alpin Ski Association – Check out their newsroom Here
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TCNJ School of Nursing and Health – Check out their newsroom Here
Link to media story in: New Jersey Radio 101.5

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