Press Release Distribution List:

Where are some places my press release is sent?

HERE is a partial distribution list of where we send your press release. Please note this is not a complete list as we are adding new journalist sources on a semi-regular basis.

Journalist & distribution information

PR Karma has assembled lists of journalists in authentic publications that want to receive your news. We have combed through lists of significantly known distribution companies to find that up to 70% of sources listed are irrelevant for a region, not really on topic for the subject, or they have gone out of business.

Our journalists are specific for each industry and region, ensuring your news gets to those who really will be interested in your story providing a better chance of success. When you submit your news release, you have the option of only selecting two industries. The ability to select up to two industry’s ensures the best possible match between a journalist in a particular region and industry. Our mantra is quality over quantity.

Our journalist sources mainly comprise local town & city publications, newspapers, online newspapers, magazines, television, and radio. Not all are local; some are also national.

Our founders have been in the industry for nearly 20 years and have seen the pains over the years of businesses struggling to reach local regions (city or state) at a reasonable cost. We created PR Karma to fill this void while also providing a fantastic environment to showcase your news and media assets.

When your news goes out, we send you a list of some locations your news release reached. We do not send you a list of links of where your news was ‘posted’ – More on why we do not follow this practice may be found under our ‘Why Us’ information HERE.