Why Us?:

Direct to Journalists

The PR Karma team has spent countless months (over the last 18) gathering the names and contacts of thousands of journalists representing publications, radio, newspapers & television down to a city level. We then went back to do another update (because references change) to finalize our list. These lists are regularly updated to give you the best chance to reach journalists directly in your industry and region.

When we send your news to journalists, it comes from you. You get to preview the email letter that goes to them on your behalf. The information sent is a pitch briefing with a link to your full, media-rich news release. The journalist has access to high-resolution images (for print publication), media kit links, and more. This method is the preference of many journalists.

We don’t send you a bunch of links

You may be familiar with news distribution services that send you an email report with links of where you can find your news release posted on various ‘partner’ sites. PR Karma does not participate in this practice; here is why:

  1. Back in the day, a PR Company would fax a news release directly to an editor. This distribution method was a little more personable and the chances of your news getting picked up, if it was applicable, was higher – Your information was not ‘already out there.’ Our thought process is to give a journalist the first crack at breaking a story by not posting your story to dozens of different sites first verbatim.
  2. Search engines are not fond of duplicate content. There may be a small benefit to having your news release posted all over the place; however, there is no doubt the benefits of an original story written by a journalist far outweigh a duplicate news release posted all over the place.

A good strategy may be sending your news directly to journalists first to see if you get any bites. Let them have the first crack at your story and if you don’t receive any feedback, then distribute it through a traditional site that will send your news to their partnering sites.

Affordable for any business

A basic newsroom package that provides you with a professional, organized newsroom can cost between $50 - $500 per month. A single news release can range between $150 - $1,000. At $39/month (our introduction beta cost, which we grandfather for the life of your newsroom), this makes reaching out to targeted journalists and having a newsroom affordable for ANY size business! AND this includes two news releases per month. News posted only to your newsroom is unlimited. PR Karma newsrooms connect to our Media Room for journalists, where journalists may set up a profile and filters to receive news.

Newsroom Benefits

A newsroom on a website is not just for big companies. Almost everyone with a business should have a newsroom. Here is why:

  1. Newsrooms connect to our Media Room for journalists. News information posted to your newsroom is also accessible through our Media Room for journalists. Our Media Room for journalists allows them to set up notification filters that notify journalists of news matching region and industry.
  2. Newsrooms provide you an organized space to showcase your news releases.
  3. Newsrooms provide easy access for journalists to download high-resolution print-ready images. It is not unheard of for a journalist to skip a business because they could not easily attain a print publication’s high-resolution image.
  4. Do you have any videos that a journalist may be interested in? A newsroom is a great place to showcase your corporate or product-related videos.
  5. Have you been featured or written up in a newspaper or magazine? Many businesses have been. Where do you currently display this information? A newsroom is an excellent place for this vital information to reside.
  6. If someone from a local newspaper were looking for a media contact, who would they ask? Your newsroom is an excellent place to display contact information for the media; even if you only have three people, it puts a face to a name.
  7. When you visit a website, most businesses are all too proud to show their social media links (almost to be proud of participating in social media). The only problem with this is when they click on that link – they leave your website. A newsroom with PR Karma allows you to pull some of your social media feeds into a single screen that can be sorted by channel AND searched for keywords!
  8. Your newsroom is followable. Yes – People can follow your newsroom and be kept up to date when you post news.

Think of that feeling of always been easily connected to the media. A newsroom allows you to have this feeling and stay connected.