13 Tips for Building Relationships with the Media

Jennifer Johnson  /  December 6, 2023 11:45 EST

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Building solid relationships with journalists & media professionals can be crucial for individuals and organizations looking to communicate their message and increase media coverage effectively. Here are ten strategies to help cultivate strong relations with the media. 

Research &Targeting:
Recognize journalists who cover topics relevant to your organization's industry or message.

Review & study their previous articles, writing style, and the outlets they contribute to.

Personalized Pitches:
Tailor your pitches to the specific interests and beats of each journalist. Put yourself in their shoes.

Review the value and relevance of your story to their audience.

Building Relationships Isn't Overnight:
Connect with journalists even when you don't have a specific pitch.

Follow and engage with them on social media, comment on their articles, and attend industry events.

Content Exclusivity:
Offer journalists exclusive access to information, interviews, or events.

Exclusivity can be an incentive for them to cover your story ahead of others.

Be Responsive and Respectful:
Respond promptly to journalist inquiries; they don't have much time.

Respect their time and deadlines, and make their job easy.


Offer Data and Statistics:
Journalists appreciate well-researched data and statistics.

Provide reliable sources and make it easy for them to fact-check your information.


Create Compelling Visuals:
Include high-quality visuals (images, info-graphics, videos) that enhance your story.

Journalists often appreciate multimedia elements to complement their articles.


For the Previous Two Points, Provide Access to a Newsroom:
A Newsroom can win them over and is one of the first places journalists look for when visiting your website, as they know this is where they can find data, images & media kits.

Make your Newsroom easily visible from your front page. They don't have time to play the guessing game.

Show You Are an Industry Expert:
Offer to provide expert commentary on relevant topics.

Share insights, trends, and analysis that can help journalists with their stories.

Attend Media Events:
Partake in press conferences, media briefings, and other in-person events where you can connect with journalists.

Appropriate Follow Up:
Follow up on your pitches, but do so judiciously; don't be overly persistent.

If a journalist covers your story, express gratitude and offer assistance for future needs.

Provide Accessible Contact Information:
Make sure your contact information is easy to find and includes alternative contacts if you're not available.

Be reachable through email, phone, and social media.

Remember, building relationships with the media & journalists takes time and effort. Patience is a virtue. Consistent, respectful, and relevant communication can build these relationships.

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