Staying Consistent with Your News & Info you Should Know About Newsrooms.

The reality is that anyone that owns a business should also have a newsroom.

Maria Garcia  /  August 13, 2021 3:00 EDT


When you stay in the media spot-light, it can provide an opportunity to shine as the expert when the media are looking to cover a story about your industry.  When the media are seeking an expert to quote, who are they going to look for? Yes – Someone that can demonstrate they are the expert within their industry.

Here is an example:

John Dough was just starting out in the home inspection business.  John was extremely passionate about his work and would send out news articles and post information on his website about certain circumstances that would come up during his home inspections.  Sometimes his news articles would be ‘warning the public about specific homeowner hazards’ that could be prevented, and sometimes they were just basic blog posts.

He was religious about sending out top quality news releases that would be of interest to those in his industry.  His blog posts were also informative.  Eventually, a television station in a city where real estate was extremely hot was airing a piece about real-estate however wanted a slightly different angle, so they decided on the angle of home inspections.  The local television station required an expert for further information, did a search online and found John Dough to be an expert.  More than likely because he demonstrated he was an expert. 

The television station then did their piece on the evening news where hundreds of thousands of people saw his company mentioned.  Needless to say, his business took off from that very moment.

The above example can be applied to so many different businesses, even if you don’t think your business is worthy of news? Every business is worthy of some news whether you are a local butcher or an accountant.

People that share what is going on in their industry, as long as there is value to the news are the ones that are remembered and stick out in the minds of a journalist when it is time to write a story.

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