How AI is Making it Easier for Smaller Businesses to Create a Press Release

Jennifer Johnson  /  January 30, 2024 15:12 EST

AI is significantly transforming the way press releases are written and distributed, making the process more efficient and accessible to those who previously may have struggled.

With the advent of AI technologies, individuals and organizations can now utilize AI-powered tools to write press releases without professional writing skills. These tools can generate complete press releases based on the information provided, saving time for those who are busy or lack the know-how to write one themselves.

The process of creating a press release using AI is based on prompts where users can provide details like a product's name, unique features, availability, and even the tone or style of the press release. This approach allows for customization and ensures that the press release accurately reflects the intended message and brand voice​.

AI will gather basic information, select the language, and highlight key messages. This system facilitates the creation of relevant press releases and may also create your press release in multiple languages.

AI can then delve deeper by asking in-depth questions to ensure the press release is comprehensive and reduces journalists' need for follow-up questions. By further including a newsroom with all relevant materials like media kits, high-resolution images, and previous locations where you have been featured, you are sure to impress any journalist, increasing the likelihood of coverage.

Although AI can assist with creating a press release, we always recommend a human to review all information and verify details within anything written by AI.

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