Digital Press Kits on the Rise. Increase Publicity for Your Business with an Amazing Press Kit!

Maria Martinez  /  March 4, 2021 3:00 EST


Think about the feeling of a significant publication in your industry publishing a story about your business or product.  What kind of feeling would that leave you? Think about the potential traffic, visibility and business this could generate for your business.

When a major newspaper or publication writes a story, there is a certain level of trust accompanied by that publication because they have an established reputation. In turn, this builds trust with your brand or company, increasing sales and awareness.

It is one thing to send out a news release, but why not up the ante and help any media professionals interested in your news by providing them a professional press kit!

For those not familiar with a press kit (aka a media kit), a press kit is a conglomerate of information about your business or a new product/service.  The information is available to reporters and publishers, providing them quick information about your product or brand. A press kit will also typically include marketing collateral like photos, white papers, PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, and more. The media will take extra interest in a company that provides a press/media kit over one that does not. Most journalists are more receptive to a news release with access to a press kit.  A press kit also includes a more professional appeal.

Depending on what your press kit is for (PR Karma allows you to name your different press kits), it will depend on what you might want to include.  For instance, if your press kit is for your business as a corporate press kit, you would want to include information about your business like:

  1. How you started / your story – Why you exist
  2. Do you have a mission statement?
  3. Do you have any links to videos?
  4. A Company fact sheet including the length of time in business, locations, client base, etc.
  5. Company logo in high resolution for print media
  6. Brand graphics, again in high resolution.
  7. Information about key members
  8. A couple of your latest news releases
  9. Awards & recognitions

If your press kit is about a new product, you may wish to include information like:

  1. High-resolution product images.
  2. Spec sheets
  3. PDF Documents
  4. News release
  5. White papers
  6. Contact sheet (even though this should be a part of your news release)

Building a press kit with PR Karma is fast and easy. Drag and drop your contents of what you wish to include, and we create the downloadable zip file on the fly. Your press kit can also be named and displays the contents of the press kit.

The other nice thing about using PR Karma to create your press kit is that anyone following your newsroom gets notified when you create or update your press kit!

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